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Family Law

Modifying Custody Agreements in South Carolina

divorce law attorney in Greenville SC

Imagine you have a custody agreement entered by the court giving your ex-spouse custody of your minor children.  You as the noncustodial parent are seeking for a way to rework custody.  The only issue is: You don’t know what you need to convince the court.  to help you evaluate your claim and build your case […]

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What Proof Is Needed to Establish Adultery in a South Carolina Divorce?

divorce law lawyer in Greenville SC

Imagine you are married and you have heavy suspicions your spouse has been cheating on you.  You’ve seen not-so-secret texts on your spouse’s phone suggesting your spouse planned to meet with their mistress when you were not home.  You’ve heard gossip from your mutual friends of an affair.  But no one has seen this purported […]

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