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November 27, 2018

Can Adults Be Adopted in South Carolina?

Divorce Lawyer in Greenville South Carolina

When we think about adoption, we generally think of infants and children being involved. However, South Carolina, like many other states, allow you to adopt anyone that is over the age of 18 too. These are a little more straightforward than traditional adoptions and don’t typically require background checks or other extensive investigations. However, you’ll still need the expertise of an adoption attorney to complete the legal process. Below are a few of the most common questions that people have about the adult adoption process in South Carolina:

  • Who must consent to the adoption of an adult? The individual being adopted, or their legal guardian, as well as the spouse of the adult planning to adopt the person, must consent in writing to the adoption. The legal or biological parents of the person being adopted don’t have to give consent for the adoption to take place, nor do they need to be notified of the adoption like in the adoption process of an infant or child.
  • Why would someone adopt an adult? Although many people over 18 years of age are already self-sufficient and likely do not need the financial support of their parents, many still choose to go through the legal process of adoption. Why then, would someone adopt an adult? Many adult adoptions are done by foster parents who want to adopt a former foster child who has aged out of the system. Sometimes it is a step parent that wants to adopt an older stepchild whose biological parent wouldn’t previously consent to the adoption. There are many situations where a parent-child relationship is formed and as adults, all parties agree to the adoption.
  • What is the legal process for adopting an adult? First of all, unlike a traditional infant or child adoption, adult adoption is a fairly simple, straightforward process. Most of the time, a background check isn’t necessary, and the judge will hear the petition for adoption without any type of investigation. A petition will have to be filed with the court, as well as written consents from the adopting parent’s spouse and the person being adopted, and finally, the adoption will be finalized in court the day of the hearing.

How Can an Attorney Help with an Adult Adoption?

Every person, no matter what the age, deserves to have parents. Although adopting an adult in South Carolina is a fairly simple process, it is an important decision and process for those completing it. Adult adoption is a meaningful way to finalize the parent-child relationship that two parties already have. It can provide a sense of security for the adult adoptee that they may not have ever experienced before.

Attorney Lauren Taylor will ensure that you are involved and informed about your adult adoption throughout the entire process. She will prepare and file with the courts all the necessary documentation to ensure that your adoption process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Contact the office of Lauren Taylor Law to schedule a consultation today.