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5 Ways a Domestic Violence Conviction Can Destroy Your Life

Domestic Violence Attorney Greenville SC

If you are charged with domestic assault, you need a lawyer immediately. Make no mistake, even a misdemeanor charge can have a life-altering impact on your future. Do not take chances by representing yourself or trying to “work it out” with your spouse. Call an experienced Greenville domestic violence attorney right away. Here are five […]

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Dealing With In-Laws in a Divorce

As if divorce isn’t hard enough, in-laws can make matters even worse. If you’re like many people, you may not care for your in-laws all that much. Of course, when you are going through a divorce, it can get a lot worse. Old emotions, bitterness, and harsh words can make every interaction feel unbearable. The […]

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10 Most Common Non-Violent Juvenile Crimes

Parents want the best for their kids. Sadly, youthful indiscretion gets the better of many teens each year, leaving young people with regrettable consequences that can follow them for years. America’s criminal justice system often leaves teens with scarred permanent records that can haunt them well into adulthood and sometimes forever limit their ability to […]

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What Is an Order of Protection?

Greenville order of protection

You’ve probably heard them called restraining orders, and maybe someone has told you they don’t do any good. Worse yet, perhaps your ex has gotten an order of protection against you.  Although your local courthouse may have free resources to help, nothing compares to the experience and wisdom of a Greenville domestic violence lawyer. A […]

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Is a Greenville Drug Court Right for You?

Greenville SC drug court

If you’ve been charged with a minor drug offense, you probably have a lot of fears. You worry what your employer will do when they find out. You worry what will happen to your driving privileges or professional licenses. Maybe you are worried about your marriage or being able to see your children. Drugs have […]

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