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How to Spot an Adoptions Scam

Attempting to adopt a child can be challenging and frustrating. Prospective parents often deal with extended waiting periods, mountains of red tape and lots of disappointment along the way. Parents who are desperate to adopt can be vulnerable to scammers who collect thousands of dollars in fees and expenses and then disappear without ever providing […]

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Dating While Getting a Divorce

You might view filing for a divorce as the first step toward what you hope will be a happier life without your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. While your new lifestyle is likely to include dating other people, you should consider waiting a while before you place that profile on or start patrolling the singles bars. In South […]

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Top 5 Reasons Families End Up in Court

Many families can settle their differences without seeking outside help. But when a dispute escalates, it can reach the point where the legal system must resolve the issue. In some situations, processes such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can facilitate an agreement between the parties. If this remedy fails, there may be no choice but […]

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Adoption of Special Needs Children

Adoption can be a rewarding experience for any parent, and even more so when the child has special needs. A special needs child is one that requires additional attention or has specific care demands that other children do not. These children may have chronic or terminal medical conditions, psychiatric or cognitive issues or physical impairments […]

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Strategies to Avoid Going to Court in a Divorce

strategies to avoide going to court in a divorce in South Carolina

A divorce is an extremely emotional situation, and going to court to resolve issues such as the division of property and determining which parent gets custody of the children can increase the acrimony. Court proceedings often require the parties to engage in a bitter, public conflict that can have long-term psychological effects on themselves as […]

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Same-Sex Divorce in South Carolina

lgbtq divorces sc

As of 2014, it’s legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in South Carolina. Of course, as with unions involving heterosexual individuals, there’s no guarantee that a same-sex marriage will last. Consequently, it’s possible to obtain a same-sex divorce in South Carolina. Generally, the divorce laws are the same for same-sex couples as they […]

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Stepparent’s Rights in a South Carolina Divorce

Stepparent's rights in a Divorce in South Carolina

In many cases, the bond between a stepparent and stepchild is as strong as the one between a natural parent and child. Unfortunately, the law has a different view of the relationship. If a marriage between stepparents fails, a non-biological parent may not always have the same rights regarding visitation and custody as a biological […]

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Grandparents’ Rights in a South Carolina Divorce

Grandparent's rights in a divorce in South Carolina

Grandparents often have a hand in the raising of their grandchildren. The law recognizes the role of grandparents — although their rights are secondary to those of the child’s parents, situations can arise where the courts in South Carolina may intervene to allow the grandparents to visit or take custody of their grandchildren. The law […]

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Can Prenuptial Agreements Override State Laws?

Can pre-nuptial agreements override state laws?

Prenuptial agreements are relatively common in marriages where one of the parties earns a substantial income or owns valuable assets. A “prenup” is a legal agreement that couples execute before they marry to determine the division and ownership of their assets in the event of a divorce. Wealthy spouses may request a prenup to protect […]

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Adoption Process in South Carolina

Deciding to adopt a child is a significant decision for any family. Regardless of the reason for desiring adoption — wanting to expand your family, give a child a good home or just because you want to — the adoption process can be complicated, uncertain and at times quite lengthy. A family that wants to […]

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