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    How to Prove Habitual Drunkenness in SC

    The decision to file for divorce does not come easily. When divorcing your spouse on the grounds of habitual drinking or substance abuse, the proceedings can take many unexpected ups and downs. Though your partner may not see it, substance abuse can make a marriage feel unsalvageable. South Carolina law states that you can get a divorce […]

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    How to Prove an At-Fault Divorce in South Carolina

    Navigating a divorce can be draining and complicated. It’s essential to take care of yourself during the process, especially amidst all the different procedures and regulations. You should also stay organized and updated about divorce processes and your rights. If you’re considering filing for an at-fault divorce in South Carolina, you need to keep some […]

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    Why Local Journalism Matters

    Accurate, reliable news is essential to educate citizens on local, state and national decisions and policies. However, local journalism is in a crisis, as over 65 million people live in areas with access to only one newspaper. In some areas of the nation, there are no local newspapers at all. A lack of local journalism is detrimental […]

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    Important South Carolina Adoption Laws Parents Need to Know

    Picture of a group of people around a desk and the caption of "Important South Carolina Adoption Laws"

    All states have adoption laws in place to aid and protect children, birth guardians and adoptive families throughout the entire legal process. As a South Carolina adoption attorney, one part of Lauren Taylor’s job is ensuring you are knowledgeable of these laws, and that your adoption will meet all of the state of South Carolina’s […]

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    Common-Law Marriage Requirements in South Carolina

    Common-Law Marriage Requirements

    While many couples have strong reasons for wanting to marry, others have strong reasons for not wanting to tie the knot legally. In some cases, it may be due to biases against the institution itself or practical reasons, such as the existence of a trust fund or other benefits that they could lose unless the […]

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