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    Considering Representation in Your Separation: Signs a Divorce Attorney is a Good Idea

    Close up picture of a wedding band with a roll of money through it signifying the money involved in divorces

    Sometimes, divorces or separations are easy to arrange and amicable in nature.  Assets are simple to divide, issues are resolved with little fanfare, and arrangements are made without too much trouble.  But in many cases, a divorce proceeding involves significant time, money, and stress from both parties.  When should you hire a divorce attorney?  Consider […]

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    Complaint for Separate Maintenance and Support

    Man pictured writing and signing a contract with a wedding band next to the document implying that the document relates to a divorce

    Not matter the circumstance, making the painful decision to separate from your spouse isn’t easy. There may be questions regarding where you live, how you’ll divide your belongings, and how any children will be supported. Often times, and for a variety of reasons, a couple will seek to obtain a legal separation. Unfortunately, it’s an […]

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    Enforcing an Order for Support

    Gavel pictured coming down on some dollar bills with a legal scale and books in the background

    If you’ve obtained an order from the family court requiring a recalcitrant spouse to pay child support, you may be breathing a huge sigh of relief. Finally you have a document compelling payment; case closed, right? Unfortunately, a court order doesn’t necessarily guarantee your spouse will pay; it just means they’ve been ordered to pay. […]

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    South Carolina Drug Crimes

    Gavel pictured along with a pair of handcuffs with the stenciled letters of Drug Possession

    Being accused of committing any kind of drug crime in the state of South Carolina is a very serious criminal matter. The Palmetto State has some of the toughest laws in the country concerning drugs, and you could end up facing federal charges as well. In addition to heavy fines and the potential for mandatory […]

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    Shoplifting Charges: A Serious Offense

    Man with a coat pictured stealing a pair of jeans by concealing them within his coat pocket

    Shoplifting is a serious matter in South Carolina, and not filing or pressing charges against offenders is not something that most retailers are likely to do. Large or small, most stores in the Palmetto State want to send a strong message to future offenders by prosecuting shoplifters to the fullest extent of the law. Shoplifting […]

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    Recovery from Automobile Accidents

    Young adult pictured near a car crash scene grabbing his neck in pain

    Car accidents occur suddenly, usually without much warning. One minute you’re driving along, going about your day, and the next minute you find yourself stunned, trying to process what just happened. Your car may be totaled, and you may have sustained injuries, sometime serious ones. If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s important to […]

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