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Important South Carolina Adoption Laws Parents Need to Know

Picture of a group of people around a desk and the caption of "Important South Carolina Adoption Laws"

All states have adoption laws in place to aid and protect children, birth guardians and adoptive families throughout the entire legal process. As a South Carolina adoption attorney, one part of Lauren Taylor’s job is ensuring you are knowledgeable of these laws, and that your adoption will meet all of the state of South Carolina’s […]

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Common Law Marriage In South Carolina

Common-Law Marriage Requirements

While many couples have strong reasons for wanting to marry, others have strong reasons for not wanting to tie the knot legally. In some cases, it may be due to biases against the institution itself or practical reasons, such as the existence of a trust fund or other benefits that they could lose unless the […]

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EEOC Laws in South Carolina

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The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces federal laws that protect Americans from workplace discrimination. However, those rules and their enforcement vary between states. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations in South Carolina give employees access to official complaints, investigations and lawsuits. Employment discrimination is prohibited by the South Carolina Human Affairs Law. According to […]

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6 Types of Alimony in South Carolina

alimony payments represented with a pile of cash

When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, one of you may be responsible for paying the other one alimony. Alimony is a payment one spouse makes to the other when they end their marriage. South Carolina family judges have the final say on who has to pay alimony and how much of it. […]

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How to File for Divorce in South Carolina


Ending a marriage is challenging. You may feel frustrated, regretful and sad. Once you and your spouse decide you are no longer compatible, getting your divorce taken care of quickly and with as little drama as possible is often your top priority. It’s crucial to understand the steps to getting a divorce in South Carolina […]

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Divorce During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Graphic showing a women's hands taking off her wedding ring and the caption - "Divorce During the COVID-19 Pandemic"

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, couples are forced to quarantine together. Emotions and stress are already high for individuals during a pandemic — add marital issues and arguments to the equation, and COVID-19 may become a recipe for a rise in divorce rates. Although public health measures that call for quarantining are necessary during this uncertain time, […]

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Domestic Violence During COVID-19

domestic violence during covid-19

Across America, communities are sheltering in their homes to slow the spread of COVID-19. But for victims of domestic abuse, home can be the most dangerous place in the world right now. Quarantined in one location with their abusers, those suffering from physical, emotional, and sexual mistreatment have nowhere to go. These weeks and months are […]

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How Social Media Can Undermine Your Divorce

how social media can undermine your divorce process

Our lives are increasingly connected by the internet and social media. We share so much of ourselves with the public, including information, photos, videos and more. Unfortunately, you can’t retract or hide that information when dealing with a private issue, such as divorce negotiations. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and dating websites leave tracks that […]

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Top 5 Reasons Couples Choose to Get a Divorce

Top 5 reasons for Divorce in the United States

The United States has a relatively high divorce rate — estimated around 40% for first-time marriages. There is a high probability that many married couples will struggle to stay together. The factors that influence the decision to get a divorce can vary, whether it’s one straw that snaps the bond or multiple occurrences fraying it […]

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