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    Useful Apps to Help With Co-Parenting

    useful apps to help with coparenting

    Jump Ahead To Which Apps Are Right for Co-Parents?Getting Used to Co-ParentingWhich Apps Are Right for Co-Parents?Getting Used to Co-Parenting Co-parenting is a challenge requiring you to coordinate playdates, times, multiple schedules, finances and more. Whether you are new to co-parenting or have been doing it for years, you need to communicate effectively and stay […]

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    Searching for an Adoption Attorney in South Carolina?

    adoption attorney charleston south carolina

    Jump Ahead To How an Attorney Can Assist You With South Carolina AdoptionsLauren Taylor Is an Experienced Adoption Attorney in South CarolinaProtect Yourself With a Lawyer Who Knows South Carolina Adoption Law Are you planning to adopt a child in Charleston, SC? If so, this is an exciting time as you get ready to welcome […]

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    How Property Is Divided in a Divorce in South Carolina

    Do I have to answer the door for police in South Carolina?

    Jump Ahead To How Division of Assets Works in South CarolinaHow Is Property Divided in a Divorce in South Carolina?Understanding Property Rights in a Divorce Divorce involves not just the end of a relationship but also the end of a shared financial life together. During the process, parties need to divide property equally, including property […]

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    How Alimony Is Calculated in a Divorce

    how alimony is calculated in a divorce

    Jump Ahead To How Alimony Is Calculated in South CarolinaIs Alimony Taxable in South Carolina?Do You Have Questions About Alimony? The end of a marriage is always an emotional time, and no one wants to add financial issues to the situation. Many divorces include alimony, which involves one spouse making payments to another spouse regularly. […]

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    Managing Finances During and After a Divorce

    Graphic showing a lawyer consulting with a couple of individuals overlaid with the caption - "managing finances during and after a divorce"

    Jump Ahead To How Divorce Impacts Your FinancesManaging Finances During a Divorce1. Recognize the Need for Financial and Legal Advice2. Do Not Heed Unsolicited Advice3. Be Financially Savvy4. Remember Your RetirementManaging Finances After Divorce1. Budgeting2. Build Credit3. Focus on the “Four Walls”4. Post-Divorce Career ChoicesSecuring Your Financial Future After DivorceYour Fresh Financial Start and the […]

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    Divorce Statistics in South Carolina

    Graphic showing a couple at odd ends and a strained relationship with the title - "Divorce Statistics in South Carolina"

    Jump Ahead To Divorce Statistics in South CarolinaDeciding When to DivorceTop 5 Reasons For Getting a Divorce in South CarolinaWhat Happens NextChildren and DivorceWhy South Carolina Divorce Rates are DecliningNavigate the Process of Divorce in South Carolina With an Experienced Family Law Attorney Divorce is an unpleasant — and sometimes unavoidable — part of life. […]

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