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    Questions to Ask When Choosing a Family Law Attorney

    questions to ask when choosing a Charleston SC Family Law Attorney

    Jump Ahead To Is the attorney experienced in family law?Do you feel comfortable with the attorney?Are you getting satisfactory answers to your questions?Is the lawyer accessible?Does the attorney explain all of your options?Does the attorney have sufficient courtroom experience?How much will it cost to hire the attorney?Contact Our Office to Learn More Family law matters […]

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    How to Spot an Adoptions Scam

    how to spot an adoptions scam in Charleston South Carolina

    Attempting to adopt a child can be challenging and frustrating. Prospective parents often deal with extended waiting periods, mountains of red tape and lots of disappointment along the way. Parents who are desperate to adopt can be vulnerable to scammers who collect thousands of dollars in fees and expenses and then disappear without ever providing […]

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    Dating While Getting a Divorce

    dating while getting a divorce in Charleston SC

    Jump Ahead To Altering the Nature of the Divorce ProceedingsNo Alimony PaymentsLimited Child Custody RightsImpact on the Division of PropertyThe Best Option: Wait to DateContact the Family Law Attorneys at Lauren Taylor Law You might view filing for a divorce as the first step toward what you hope will be a happier life without your […]

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    Top 5 Reasons Families End Up in Court

    top 5 reasons that families end up in court

    Jump Ahead To 1. Divorce2. Physical Abuse and PFAs3. Monetary Issues4. Violations of Child Custody Arrangements5. Child Neglect or AbuseLauren Taylor Law Can Represent You in Family Court in Greenville, SC Many families can settle their differences without seeking outside help. But when a dispute escalates, it can reach the point where the legal system […]

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    Adoption of Special Needs Children

    child shown with two hands in front of their face with artistic designs and paintings on both hands

    Jump Ahead To How to Adopt a Special Needs Child in South CarolinaFinancial Assistance for the Adoption of Special Needs Children in South CarolinaGetting Legal Help With the Adoption of Special Needs Children in Charleston, South Carolina Adoption can be a rewarding experience for any parent, and even more so when the child has special […]

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    Strategies to Avoid Going to Court in a Divorce

    strategies to avoide going to court in a divorce in South Carolina

    Jump Ahead To NegotiationMediationArbitrationLauren Taylor Law Can Help You Explore Your Options A divorce is an extremely emotional situation, and going to court to resolve issues such as the division of property and determining which parent gets custody of the children can increase the acrimony. Court proceedings often require the parties to engage in a […]

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    Same-Sex Divorce in South Carolina

    lgbtq divorces sc

    Jump Ahead To Division of Property in a South Carolina Same-Sex DivorceAlimony in a South Carolina Same-Sex DivorceChild Custody in Same-Sex Divorce CasesGetting Help With a Same-Sex Divorce in Charleston As of 2014, it’s legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in South Carolina. Of course, as with unions involving heterosexual individuals, there’s no […]

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    Stepparent’s Rights in a South Carolina Divorce

    Stepparent's rights in a Divorce in South Carolina

    Jump Ahead To Adoption Can Give a Stepparent the Right to Custody and VisitationGaining Stepparent’s Rights in a South Carolina Divorce as a De Facto CustodianMeeting the Standards as a Psychological ParentContact Lauren Taylor Law to Learn More About a Stepparent’s Rights in a South Carolina Divorce In many cases, the bond between a stepparent […]

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    Grandparents’ Rights in a South Carolina Divorce

    Grandparent's rights in a divorce in South Carolina

    Jump Ahead To Grandparent Visitation Rights in South CarolinaGrandparent Custody Rights in South CarolinaContact an Experienced Charleston Family Law Attorney for Help Grandparents often have a hand in the raising of their grandchildren. The law recognizes the role of grandparents — although their rights are secondary to those of the child’s parents, situations can arise […]

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    Can Prenuptial Agreements Override State Laws?

    Can pre-nuptial agreements override state laws?

    Jump Ahead To Prenuptial Agreements vs. South Carolina State LawWhat About Child Custody and Child Support?Getting Legal Help With Prenuptial Agreements in South Carolina Prenuptial agreements are relatively common in marriages where one of the parties earns a substantial income or owns valuable assets. A “prenup” is a legal agreement that couples execute before they […]

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