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Hire a Skilled Defense Attorney if You Are Charged with an Upstate Burglary Offense

In South Carolina, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony for burglary or possession of stolen goods. The type of charge you face will depend on your criminal history and the value of the property involved in your case. When you contact the Law Office of Lauren Taylor, our first priority is finding a way to keep you from being charged with a felony. Then we review your case to determine the best way to defend you against the charges.

The prosecutor must prove the charges “beyond a reasonable doubt,” so winning a burglary case is not impossible. We may be able to identify weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, which could exonerate you of the charges or convince the prosecutor to drop a felony charge. If you are charged in connection with damage that occurred at a large house party, we will assess the credibility of the prosecutor’s witnesses and develop a defense based on the statements made by people who attended the party.

It may be possible to plead to a lesser offense, such as pleading to unlawful entry instead of a more serious burglary charge. We have extensive experience defending people against property crimes, so contact us if you have been charged with any of the following:

• Burglary of commercial and residential buildings
• Breaking and entering
• Trespassing
• Unlawful entry
• Vandalism
• Destruction of property
• Possession of stolen property
• Auto theft
• Burglary of public buildings
• Receiving or selling stolen property.


What to Do if Facing a Theft or Fraud Charge

If you have been charged with fraud or theft, the Law Office of Lauren M. Taylor is prepared to build a defense for you. Every client receives personalized attention directly from Lauren, so you will always get the benefit of her legal expertise when reviewing your legal options. She will also get to know you and prepare an individualized strategy based on your goals.

Some people want to take their cases to trial, while others are willing to plead guilty to lesser offenses. By getting to know you, Lauren will be able to develop the best defense strategy possible.

Hire an Attorney Immediately

You do not have to be charged with a crime to contact a criminal defense attorney. If you are under investigation for fraud or have been interviewed by a police officer, it is important to hire an attorney right away. Lauren is committed to helping you at every step of the prosecution process, so call our office if you are under investigation or have been arrested for theft or fraud. Lauren Taylor can help you in your criminal defense case. Call today for an initial consultation 843-790-9009 .

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