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criminal defense

Hazing Incidents Decreased on South Carolina College Campuses

greenville criminal defense lawyer

Over the past decade, college campuses around the country have been cracking down on hazing, with colleges frequently suspending fraternities and sororities. Of the 47 Greek organizations on the University of South Carolina’s campus (28 fraternities and 19 sororities), The State reports that 10 of them had college hazing violations in the 2017-18 school year. […]

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3 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help With Your Charges in Greenville, SC

greenville criminal defense lawyer

For people who have been accused of a crime, it can be incredibly confusing and bewildering. This is especially true for first-time offenders who may not fully understand the gravity and consequences just yet. For people who have already spent time in jail, it can be less terrifying, but the process is no less troubling. […]

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How Can Technical Probation Violations Put Your Freedom in Jeopardy?

criminal defense lawyer Greenville sc

When someone gets probation in South Carolina, it can feel like you’ve received a “get out of jail” ticket. Sadly, probation can be complicated, and a lot of people never make it to the end of their sentence without violating probation. A single violation can be enough to void your probation and place you in […]

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When Can You Expunge a Criminal Record in South Carolina?

criminal defense attorney Greenville sc

We are all human, and sadly sometimes our youthful indiscretions can lead to life-altering consequences. If you have old convictions for crimes you committed a long time ago, they may still be affecting your life. Criminal defense lawyers are often asked whether a crime can later be expunged. To help you better understand your rights, […]

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10 Most Common Non-Violent Juvenile Crimes

Parents want the best for their kids. Sadly, youthful indiscretion gets the better of many teens each year, leaving young people with regrettable consequences that can follow them for years. America’s criminal justice system often leaves teens with scarred permanent records that can haunt them well into adulthood and sometimes forever limit their ability to […]

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Is a Greenville Drug Court Right for You?

lgbtq divorces sc

If you’ve been charged with a minor drug offense, you probably have a lot of fears. You worry what your employer will do when they find out. You worry what will happen to your driving privileges or professional licenses. Maybe you are worried about your marriage or being able to see your children. Drugs have […]

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3 of the Biggest Lies Police Use to Get Confessions

greenville criminal defense lawyer

Has a police officer recently started showing interest in you, asking questions or seeking information? Sadly, many people do not realize they are the subject of a criminal investigation until they are wearing handcuffs.  An otherwise friendly conversation can quickly lead to an arrest, turning your life upside down. Why the Police Lie A confession […]

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