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    How to Prove Habitual Drunkenness in SC

    The decision to file for divorce does not come easily. When divorcing your spouse on the grounds of habitual drinking or substance abuse, the proceedings can take many unexpected ups and downs. Though your partner may not see it, substance abuse can make a marriage feel unsalvageable. South Carolina law states that you can get a divorce […]

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    How to Prove an At-Fault Divorce in South Carolina

    Navigating a divorce can be draining and complicated. It’s essential to take care of yourself during the process, especially amidst all the different procedures and regulations. You should also stay organized and updated about divorce processes and your rights. If you’re considering filing for an at-fault divorce in South Carolina, you need to keep some […]

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    How Does Divorce Affect My Social Security Benefits in South Carolina?

    Man at a desk signing a divorce agreement with a lawyer standing across on the other side of the desk

    How Does Divorce Affect My Social Security Benefits in South Carolina? During divorce proceedings in South Carolina, the parties typically focus on the division of property and assets, alimony payments and child custody arrangements. One aspect they may overlook — which can have significant long-term financial implications — is how divorce impacts Social Security (SS) […]

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    6 Types of Alimony in South Carolina

    alimony payments represented with a pile of cash

    When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, one of you may be responsible for paying the other one alimony. Alimony is a payment one spouse makes to the other when they end their marriage. South Carolina family judges have the final say on who has to pay alimony and how much of it. […]

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    How to File for Divorce in South Carolina


    Ending a marriage is challenging. You may feel frustrated, regretful and sad. Once you and your spouse decide you are no longer compatible, getting your divorce taken care of quickly and with as little drama as possible is often your top priority. It’s crucial to understand the steps to getting a divorce in South Carolina […]

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    Why Men Struggle More After Divorce

    Man in a flannel shirt pictured looking off into the distance with a hand on his chin

    The process of divorce is stressful for anyone. But in many ways, divorce can be harder on men, who may not be accustomed to seeking emotional support. Finding outlets for their frustration and fears can prove challenging. If you are a man struggling with expressing your feelings and disappointments after a failed marriage, you should […]

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