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Divorce Lawyer

Dating While Getting a Divorce

dating while getting a divorce in Charleston SC

You might view filing for a divorce as the first step toward what you hope will be a happier life without your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. While your new lifestyle is likely to include dating other people, you should consider waiting a while before you place that profile on or start patrolling the singles bars. In South […]

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Strategies to Avoid Going to Court in a Divorce

strategies to avoide going to court in a divorce in South Carolina

A divorce is an extremely emotional situation, and going to court to resolve issues such as the division of property and determining which parent gets custody of the children can increase the acrimony. Court proceedings often require the parties to engage in a bitter, public conflict that can have long-term psychological effects on themselves as […]

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Same-Sex Divorce in South Carolina

lgbtq divorces sc

As of 2014, it’s legal for gay and lesbian couples to marry in South Carolina. Of course, as with unions involving heterosexual individuals, there’s no guarantee that a same-sex marriage will last. Consequently, it’s possible to obtain a same-sex divorce in South Carolina. Generally, the divorce laws are the same for same-sex couples as they […]

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Grandparents’ Rights in a South Carolina Divorce

Grandparent's rights in a divorce in South Carolina

Grandparents often have a hand in the raising of their grandchildren. The law recognizes the role of grandparents — although their rights are secondary to those of the child’s parents, situations can arise where the courts in South Carolina may intervene to allow the grandparents to visit or take custody of their grandchildren. The law […]

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