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Personal Injury

Burn Injuries

greenville sc upstate burn injury lawyer

Burn injuries are one of the most common and painful types of injuries. Nearly all of us know how much a burn can hurt from our own experience, such as touching a hot surface, getting too close to a fire, or being splashed by boiling water or some other hot liquid. There are a variety […]

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Hoverboard Injuries

greenville south carolina upstate personal injury claim attorney

Hoverboards were in demand over the 2015 holiday season, with many teenagers and adults alike eager to try out this latest motorized gadget. A hoverboard is a cross between a skateboard and a segway, and while riders appear to be hovering off the ground, they are actually balancing on two wheels, with an attached motor […]

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Protecting the Public from Dangerous Medical Devices

greenville south carolina personal injury attorney

When it comes to treating various medical conditions, doctors have a wealth of tools at their disposal. Surgical procedures, outpatient treatments, and medications all offer hope for people suffering from painful, potentially disabling, and even life threatening conditions. The insertion of a medical device to aid in bodily functions and to repair damage sustained due […]

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Winter Driving Accidents

greenville sc car accident lawyer personal injury

Driving accidents can occur at any time of the year, but seem to increase over the holidays and during the winter months. Drivers who are out celebrating or visiting may be unfamiliar with streets and roadways or may have indulged in a few drinks before getting behind the wheel. It gets dark earlier which can […]

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Dangerous Toys

greenville sc upstate personal injury attorney child injury toy

Children love toys, and it seems there is always a selection to choose from. Every year, toys seem to get more numerous, more imaginative, or more elaborate and leaving children clamoring and begging parents to make a trip to the store. Toys provide a creative outlet for children, and the best toys encourage their imaginations […]

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Premises Liability

greenville south carolina personal injury attorney upstate claim

Accidents can happen anywhere. A slip and fall on a wet floor, being cut by a broken handrail, or being hit by a falling object are all common types of injuries which can occur in public places, and all can result in serious and potentially disabling injuries. Accidental injuries are often not an accident at […]

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Cosmetic Surgery Mistakes

upstate sc greenville personal injury claim lawyer

In today’s youth obsessed culture, it is only natural to want to turn back the hands of time. Whether to hide the passage of time or to improve on what nature gave us, increasing numbers of both men and women are turning to plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery today offers a wealth of options that range […]

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Spinal Cord Injuries

personal injury claim greenville south carolina attorney upstate

Any type of accidental injury can result in serious damages. You may have ongoing health problems relating to your injury, or require extensive ongoing treatment and physical rehabilitation. You may have suffered lost wages due to missed days as work, and may even have a permanent injury which impairs your ability to function in your […]

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Truck Accidents

upstate south carolina personal injury attorney

The trucking industry is responsible for hauling goods and services throughout the United States. While performing a valuable service as well as providing jobs for millions of people, trucks and their drivers often get a bad rap in terms of road safety. While safety programs within the trucking industry have done much to raise safety […]

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The Dangers of Healthcare Associated Infections

upstate sc personal injury lawyer

There are a number of places today where people can seek and receive a variety of medical treatments. From free standing clinics and surgical care centers to special units connected to and with our local hospital, these places offer help and support when we suffer from any number of health conditions. At any time of […]

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