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Sexual Harassment

4 Types of Sexual Harassment that Happen Without Words

Greenville Sexual Harassment Attorney

The clich√© about sexual harassment is that it involves cat calls or the boss coming into your office with an overt offer of promotion in exchange for sex. While this definitely happens, more often sexual harassment is insidious and hidden. It occurs in private, between two people, without witnesses. Wrongdoers choose to act in the […]

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I Am the Victim of Sexual Harassment in Greenville, South Carolina. What Are My Rights?

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Greenville South Carolina

In the U.S., the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) gets over 11,000 complaints of harassment in the workplace each year. Many of those complaints are filed by women, but men can also be victims of sexual harassment in Greenville, South Carolina.¬† An isolated crude remark or occasional teasing may not rise to harassment, but, according […]

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