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Divorce Attorney in Charleston County, South Carolina

Family Law Attorney in Charleston, South Carolina

If you’ve decided to file for divorce in Charleston, we know that your decision hasn’t come easily. It is important to get proper counsel so that you can take your next steps with confidence. Lauren Taylor, an experienced divorce attorney serving Charleston residents, offers counsel for anyone going through a divorce.

If you’re about to file for divorce, you need to know what to expect and what you have a right to request. You probably have a lot of questions, and an attorney can answer them for you. Call Charleston divorce lawyer Lauren Taylor today at 843-790-9009  or contact us to schedule your consultation. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your options and set expectations for what’s next.

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Choose Our All-Female Legal Team for Your Divorce Case in Charleston

Lauren Taylor Law is an experienced and professional law firm with extensive experience in the practice area of family law. Most of our experience is with settling divorce cases in the Charleston area, so you can be confident that we’ll handle your case with the same expertise and care to achieve your desired outcome.

We are an all-female legal team offering expert legal counsel to help you navigate the complexities of your family law or divorce case. We understand filing for divorce is a difficult decision and are compassionate and nonjudgmental with our clients, regardless of the circumstances.

Lauren Taylor is a Charleston divorce attorney passionate about helping Charleston residents with their family law cases. We will explain your options and devise the best legal strategy to lead to the best outcome for you and your family, whether your case is settled out of court or presented in a courtroom.


What Constitutes Grounds for a Divorce in South Carolina?

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In South Carolina, you can get a divorce from your spouse even if your spouse doesn’t consent. There are just a handful of grounds for divorce, most of which lay blame on one of the spouses. A Charleston divorce lawyer will inform you that the grounds for divorce are as follows:

To initiate the divorce process, one of the spouses will file a legal document called a Summons and Complaint. Usually, it’s best to have a family law attorney prepare this document, so you may need to hire an attorney as soon as you decide to file for divorce. By choosing an experienced Charleston divorce lawyer like Lauren Taylor at Lauren Taylor Law, you will get her experience on your side.


What Constitutes Grounds for a Divorce in South Carolina?

Charleston Divorce Lawyer — Dividing Debts and Assets

In a Charleston divorce, the property you and your spouse accumulated during the marriage will be divided, as will all of the debt that you incurred up until the day you filed for divorce. Although it may be that you share your debts and assets equally, it doesn’t always turn out that way. Inherited debts or assets before marriage are not part of the marriage. Besides this, many factors come into play when determining the division of marital property.

Furthermore, Charleston family law attorneys will negotiate the amount of alimony one spouse will pay to the other based on the following:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Marital misconduct, especially if it led to the breakup or impacted the couple’s financial circumstances in any way
  • Value of marital assets, including the amount each spouse contributed to the accumulation, conservation, appreciation and depreciation of it
  • Child custody and visitation

The court will consider many elements of both spouses’ lives in a divorce. The above is by no means exhaustive, and you should talk to an attorney to find out more about all of the specific details that may impact your divorce.


Charleston Family Law Attorney — Child Custody and Visitation

When a divorce involves a child, the court will consider child custody, visitation and support. A court’s decision for which parent gets child custody is based on several factors, including:

  • The parent’s ability and willingness to meet the child’s needs, including involvement in their child’s life.
  • The child’s and parents’ needs and wants, including the child’s relationship with each parent and the cultural and spiritual backgrounds.
  • Parents’ behaviors, including alcohol and drug use and abuse, manipulation, compliance with court orders, speaking badly about the other parent in front of the child, and any history of abuse or neglect.
  • The stability of the child’s current residence and the proximity of each parent’s residence to each other.

Child custody attorney Charleston SC - Charleston family law attorneys

Although an extramarital affair may have contributed to the breakup of the marriage, that in and of itself is not sufficient reason for that spouse not to have child custody. Remember that the court is trying to do what’s in the child’s best interest, and parents should focus on their child’s overall well-being rather than trying to mentally and emotionally injure their former spouse.

A court can also order a visitation schedule if the parents are unable to come to an agreement on their own. Any parent that violates a family court order intentionally faces contempt of court.

Child Support Laws in South Carolina

South Carolina, like many other states, uses a formula to determine a suggested amount of child support one parent should pay the other. The formula takes into consideration multiple elements that play into the final amount of ordered support, including the parents’ incomes, the children from the marriage as well as children from other relationships, and other needs, such as daycare costs.


Alimony Laws in South Carolina

As previously stated, the court determines an order for alimony based on several factors. They’re similar to those considered when dividing debts and assets upon the commencement of a divorce. Please note that the spouse who committed adultery is not eligible to receive alimony.

A child support order and an order for alimony can both be modified. A change of order should be filed when a spouse’s financial circumstances change — for better or for worse.

In South Carolina, courts may order different kinds of alimony depending on your particular situation. Sometimes the option for permanent alimony is selected to be paid over a period of time. It will end if either the spouse dies or remarries. There is also a lump sum alimony, which can be paid in one or multiple payments. It cannot be modified. Two forms of alimony include rehabilitative alimony and reimbursement alimony.

Related Practice Areas at Lauren Taylor Law

Lauren Taylor Law has expertise in several other practice areas related to divorce cases. Choose us as your attorney if you need legal services for:

Child Abuse and Neglect

Lauren Taylor will help you file a case of child abuse or neglect or will navigate your case if these charges are brought against you. Child abuse and neglect are serious charges that need a sound legal defense from an experienced lawyer. Lauren Taylor will help you understand the consequences of these charges and their impact on you and your child.

In South Carolina, you may have a child abuse case if the child has experienced physical or mental harm. Neglect refers to a consistent failure to meet a child’s basic needs or can stem from a single incident. Lauren Taylor will discuss your unique family circumstances without judgment and find the best legal strategy to move forward.

Personal Injury

If you have been accused of causing personal injury, it’s not too late to fight the charges. Your credibility is your greatest asset in these types of cases. Lauren Taylor will fight to get your side of the story heard and get a favorable outcome.

A personal injury case is brought when an injured person brings charges against the party they deem responsible for their injuries. In many cases, these injuries have led to medical expenses, lost wages or major health challenges. The party who filed the charges will have to provide proof of several factors, like how the injury occurred and who was at fault.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence (DV) is a serious crime that can carry severe consequences — you may be unable to be hired for certain jobs or volunteer with children. If you are charged with DV in South Carolina, Lauren Taylor Law is here to help. These charges should not be taken lightly, so you need an experienced family law attorney to navigate your case to work toward your desired outcome. We will fight for your rights while handling your case with the delicacy and care it requires.

South Carolina law defines DV as instances where a member of the household actually causes violence to or threatens another household member while having the means to carry out the threat. DV charges can also be filed in cases where a protection order is

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