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Federal law requires each state to adopt some form of child support guidelines. Family law courts in each state are required to follow the guidelines in establishing child support obligations.


Child Support Modifications for the Best Interest of the Child

In some circumstances a Judge may decide that it is in the best interests of a child to modify the amount of a parent’s child support obligation. More often, the modification results in an increase in the amount of support, but there are occasions when a court has found a reason to deviate downwards.


Fighting for Child Custody in Greenville South Carolina

Child custody cases present special challenges, and almost all are resolved through mediations and/or settlement conferences. When an agreement cannot be reached between parents, the issues of disagreement are presented to the Court at a final hearing.

Parents often have widely differing views on how to rear children. Which schools will they attend? Who will their doctors be? What religious faith will they follow? Will they play soccer, football, take art lessons, learn to dance, etc.?

Children have the right to love each parent freely. Protecting children during a custody battle is vital. Lauren works closely with the client, the children’s Guardian Ad Litem (who represents the children in the legal case), school teachers, and any third party working with the children. Advocacy for the best interest of the children requires deep understanding, and legal skill.

Remember that all matters regarding children (custody, visitation, child support) governed by an existing Family Court Order can be modified based on a substantial change in circumstance. For example, what if a parent must relocate? It could be that custody does not need to change, merely make a modification to the visitation schedule. Parents and children’s lives change and may a modification of an existing agreement or Court order may at times be necessary. The law office of Lauren M. Taylor knows South Carolina relocation and modification law and assists clients in negotiating the changing landscape.


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Lauren’s goal is to resolve your case. Lauren knows South Carolina family law and will apply the law to your individual facts. If you are fighting a custody battle, reach out to the law office of Lauren M. Taylor to discuss your child custody questions. Greenville Family Law Attorney Lauren can provide you with the professional and skilled legal representation you need in the Family Court.

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Sometimes in life you end up in situations that you never imagined and for me that was going through a divorce. Lauren and her team were prepared every step of the process and made sure all of my options were explained and understood. I can’t thank them enough for helping get my case settled before trial. A great team to work with and have on your side at a time of need.
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