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March 15, 2017

Criminal Legal Defense in South Carolina

Greenville SC Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested on a criminal charge in the state of South Carolina, you will need a great defense attorney, no matter what that charge happens to be. Lauren Taylor Law in Greenville is that attorney. Why trust your freedom to just any attorney when you can have the best representation right from the start?

What You Need to Know About Criminal Charges

First off, the best thing for you to do when arrested for a criminal offense is to exercise your right to remain silent. It

Greenville SC Defense Lawyer

If you are in need of Criminal Defense, contact Greenville Lawyer Lauren Taylor today!

doesn’t matter what you are charged with, it doesn’t matter what the police promise you, or ask you, the best defense is to wait for your attorney to arrive and do the talking for you. They will also advise you on what you can and should say, versus what you shouldn’t. This is a time when you don’t want to take any chances, as what you say early on can be detrimental to your defense, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.

It can be a scary, frustrating and difficult time for both you and your family; when emotions are running high, things may be said that shouldn’t be. Things may be done that shouldn’t be. Protect yourself and let your attorney be your advocate.

Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost Me A Lot of Money?

While hiring a criminal defense attorney won’t be cheap, you must weigh the cost of not having one. Your freedom and peace of mind is worth more than money; the safety and welfare of your family can be at great risk during this sort of troubling situation. Payments can be worked out to something that fits your budget, there is always a way to get it done.

What Else Should I Know About Criminal Charges in South Carolina?

First of all, your attorney will determine whether your case is being handled in the right jurisdiction. This means wherever the crime is alleged to have occurred is where all the legal wrangling should take place, and this jurisdiction has the right to arrest and try you on the charge(s).

Your attorney will also determine if the crime you are accused of is considered a state crime or a federal crime, or both. For instance, robbing a bank is a federal crime since banks are regulated and insured by the federal government. There can be some crossovers that apply to both state and federal law, and you will want your attorney to know the strategy that’s right for both.

If you have been arrested on a misdemeanor criminal charge, you may still be required to spend time in jail. For instance, if you’ve been charged with 3rd degree assault and battery, which is when you have injured someone or attempted to injure someone, you can be sentenced up to 30 days in jail. Or if you’ve been charged with 3rd degree battery only, which is causing injury either physically or mentally to another person by giving them drugs or any other substance without their consent. This offense is charged as a Class A Misdemeanor.

2nd degree battery, on the other hand, is charged as a felony, and carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, with fines up to $5k. This is a crime of intentional, serious bodily harm to another which includes any injury that results in unconsciousness, extreme pain, disfigurement, impairment or even the risk of death.

2nd degree assault and battery, where the victim sustains or could have sustained moderate bodily injury, and you have injured or threatened to injure them.


What About Domestic Violence?

A very common occurrence is an arrest for domestic violence. Things get out of hand, someone calls the police, and the next thing you know… There are 3 degrees of domestic violence you should be aware of: 1st degree is the use of a weapon to cause serious injury to another person; 2nd degree is causing serious physical injury to another and 3rd degree, which is a threat of physical violence against another is a misdemeanor. This is the most common occurrence of domestic violence.

Harassment and The Law

Harassment can be of 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree in severity. This crime is to intimidate, annoy or alarm someone, this includes electronic harassment. 2nd degree is the most common charge for electronic harassment including using the phone, (e)mail or any written communication, and is a Class A Misdemeanor.

What If I’ve Been Arrested for Murder?

There are several types of charges for murder, and you should be aware of them. Of the different types, 1st degree is the most severe, and this is a felony, of course, but the stipulation is that the act was premeditated or planned ahead of time. In 2nd degree murder, the charge is that you intended to kill the other person, but you did not plan ahead or premeditate the act. Lesser charges for murder include manslaughter in varying degrees.

Felony crimes can be violent or non-violent, depending on the crimes themselves, and criminal fines may be imposed for them, often running into the thousands of dollars.

If you are charged with murder in any degree and you are claiming self-defense or justified homicide, your attorney will help you get through the process of a plea or vigorously defending you at trial.
As you can see, being arrested for any crime can be a complicated and time consuming experience. That’s why you don’t want to navigate this process alone. Hiring Lauren Taylor Law is the first best thing you can do for yourself and your family. She has the experience you need to get you through this difficult process. Whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, whether you’re facing jail time or just fines, you don’t need to go through this alone. With Lauren as your advocate you will have a smoother case from start to finish, as she will advise you on all aspects of your case, from arrest through bail, if available, through the trial if it comes to that. Most criminal cases settle out of court, but you need the expertise of an experienced Greenville criminal defense attorney to get you to a successful conclusion.