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    Daniel Island, SC Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce is one of the biggest steps in your life, and it can be one of the most stressful. When you got married you assumed that you would be married forever. So, now you’re dealing with the loss of your marriage and confusion about the next steps to take.

    How will you divide your property? What is going to happen to your kids? How are your finances going to change? Thankfully, you don’t have to face this process on your own. By hiring an experienced divorce lawyer, you have an ally in your corner. Lauren Taylor is a lawyer that is experienced in Daniel Island, SC divorce law.

    You want to select a divorce attorney that is experienced in negotiations, child custody, child support, and anything else that is encompassed in a divorce case. If you are facing a divorce, contact us today to discuss your options. We’re eager to help you get through this difficult process.


    When should I hire a Daniel Island divorce attorney?

    In South Carolina, when you’re filing a no-fault petition for divorce, you must be living apart from your spouse for at least a year. So, if you and your spouse have recently separated you might think that you have a lot of time. This isn’t the case.

    We recommend seeking out legal representation as soon as you separate. In fact, it’s good to know your options prior to separation. We do encourage our clients to seek counseling before deciding on a divorce.

    You need to be completely sure that divorce is the right solution for your family. Even though it might feel like a failure, it is better to end a marriage than to stay in a toxic situation. Children are also happier when their parents are happy. So, the short answer is that it is never too early to hire legal representation.


    How should I select my Daniel Island divorce lawyer?

    The first impression you will get of your Daniel Island divorce lawyer is their website. Look at the content on their pages to learn about their practice. Do they specialize in divorces? Where did they go to school and what is their employment history?

    Are they answering questions and providing you with valuable information about divorce? There are many lawyers to choose from, so you can use a website to begin to narrow down your options. Once you have selected a few Daniel Island divorce lawyers that you like, you should set up an appointment. Make sure that you ask whether there is a consultation fee because some lawyers charge for every meeting.

    When meeting with a potential Daniel IslandDaniel Island divorce lawyer, make sure that you take along a notepad and questions. If you have several meetings with different lawyers, they can all blend together. By taking notes, you will ensure that you can tell the divorce lawyers apart.

    These Daniel Island divorce lawyers will ask you questions about your case but remember to ask them questions as well. Do you feel comfortable talking to them? Can you trust them to handle all the details of your marriage and life? A divorce is stressful and exhausting, so your lawyer is meant to be part of your support system. Choose someone that can relate to you and your case.

    Finally, you should choose a divorce attorney that fits within your budget. Some people think that cheaper is the way to go. We recommend that you find a lawyer that is affordable because you get what you pay for.

    Some of the budget divorce attorneys will not value you or your divorce settlement. You’ll depend on this settlement to start your life over again, so it’s important that your divorce attorney understands this importance.


    What should I avoid in a Daniel Island divorce settlement?

    Since the majority of divorces are resolved through a divorce settlement, you need to know what to ask for. Initially, you need to be openminded. Your marriage is being dissolved, so you can get emotional. We recommend using your head first and taking a break if you need to collect yourself.

    Also, never go to negotiation with your best offer. Some clients don’t want to ask for too much, and instead, they don’t give themselves any room to negotiate. Remember, you are going to have to compromise, so you need things to give up in the process. There are many common mistakes that people make during their divorce settlements, but if you follow these guidelines you’ll succeed:

    • Don’t get emotional: When you are emotional, you’re not thinking clearly. Your attorney should be able to help you, but you need to be aware of the problems that your emotions pose to your settlement. For example, if your spouse is trying to take important things from you, and you react, then they have leverage. They will know what really matters to you, and they can go after those things just to be spiteful. Try to approach your negotiations logically and remember that you can take breaks. You’re trying to get the best settlement for you and your children.
    • Follow the instructions of your lawyer, not your family: Everyone is going to have an opinion on your divorce, but they aren’t relevant. You have hired your Daniel Island divorce lawyer because they are experienced. Even though the family might have experience with divorce, it is your lawyer’s job to handle divorce cases. Your lawyer is a wealth of information that you can access. Your lawyer is experienced in handling every aspect of a divorce case. We recommend not discussing any details of your divorce outside of your lawyer’s office. You can accidentally tell a friend or family something and they could choose to tell your spouse. The only person that is going to keep your information confidential is your attorney.
    • Verify information about your spouse: We have seen so many cases where one spouse was in the dark about their finances. Your spouse could have more assets than you knew about, or you could both be in more debt than you expected. It’s important that you share the information you have with your lawyer but be open to new information. You might not know that much about your spouse’s accounts, which is why you hired legal representation. It is your divorce lawyer’s job to protect your interests and to get you the best settlement possible. You can help your lawyer by getting a copy of all of your financial information. Then, when your lawyer has all this information, they can help guide your expectations.
    • Be logical: We’ve talked about leading with your head and not your heart. You need to be realistic during the divorce process. You want to get a fair settlement, but you can’t expect that you are going to get everything you want. There isn’t one divorce settlement in South Carolina where one spouse got everything. You will probably have several conflicts you’re going to have to handle. You need to have realistic expectations and goals. Focus on what matters like custody of your children and providing for yourself financially.
    • Let the small things go: You will have disagreements during the divorce, but don’t get hung up on the details. You can’t fight over every single piece of furniture. Remember, the mediation costs money, but a trial is going to cost more. You should attempt to agree on a divorce settlement while in mediation. Nobody is sure what a judge will award, so the best way to get what you want is through mediation.
    • Be on your best behavior: Now that you are separated you might think that it’s ok to date and begin to live your life again. We urge you to wait until your divorce is finalized. If you date while you are separated a judge can see this as adultery. This type of martial misconduct makes you ineligible to receive alimony. You could also receive less in your settlement because you weren’t on your best behavior. We also recommend not posting anything incriminating online. If you go out with friends, you don’t need to take pictures of you drinking alcohol and posting them online. We know that you want to start a new chapter in your life, but you need to wait until after your divorce is over.
    • Don’t keep assets that are out of your budget: Just because you want something, doesn’t mean that it is going to fit in your financial future. Keeping your house might be important to you, but can you afford to keep it? If you are going to struggle to be able to afford it, you could be in a terrible financial position in the next few years. It is normal to sell assets and split the difference. Just think of it like starting a new chapter of your life with totally new things. Don’t get hung up on big items from your past life, when you can have new memories in your new surroundings.


    Call a Daniel Island Divorce Lawyer Today

    If you’re facing a divorce, we know how confusing and stressful it can be. We encourage you to reach out to our offices to set up an appointment. We can begin handling your divorce, so you can move onto the next phase of your life. Call Lauren Taylor Law today. 


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