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If you have been charged with driving under the influence, call the Law Office of Lauren Taylor to learn more about your options. DUI cases are unique because they have a criminal component and an administrative component. The prosecutor will charge you with a criminal offense, and the Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend your driving privileges.

Many of the investigative techniques used in felony cases also apply to first-time drunken driving cases. Lauren will analyze the evidence related to your case and attempt to suppress information related to your blood alcohol concentration or performance on a field sobriety test. It may also be possible to suppress information about your blood alcohol concentration.


Advice from a DUI Defense Lawyer

When you are arrested for DUI, it may seem like the deck is stacked against you, but the results of a blood or breath test do not really strengthen the prosecution’s case against you. You should call Greenville Criminal Defense Attorney Lauren Taylor if you need help with the following:

• First-time DUI or repeat DUI offenses
• Battery or manslaughter charges related to a DUI accident
• Reckless driving charges
• Extreme speeding charges
• Suspension of your driving privileges
• DUI charges as an underage or commercial driver

A DUI conviction can hurt your career, especially if you drive a truck or company car. Losing your driving privileges also makes it difficult to do simple things such as going to the store or picking your kids up from school. Call our office at 843-790-9009 to start building your DUI defense immediately.

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Sometimes in life you end up in situations that you never imagined and for me that was going through a divorce. Lauren and her team were prepared every step of the process and made sure all of my options were explained and understood. I can’t thank them enough for helping get my case settled before trial. A great team to work with and have on your side at a time of need.
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