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Estate Planning Lawyer Greenville SC

Live a Stress-free Life: Consider These Estate Planning Service Options

Greenville is the fastest growing urban area in South Carolina. It has been recognized as third strongest market for job hunters as well as one of the twenty best cities in the US for young professionals. To have a leading edge living is a city this competitive, you need to have the best advice and assistance by your side. Lauren Taylor, Attorney at Law is here to ensure that all your estate planning needs are meticulously handled. She offers a professionally crafted estate planning service Greenville SC residents are lucky to have. Some of the many areas you can seek advice and or help on include:


1. Last Will and Testament

Wills are very essential legal document and the primary building block of astute estate planning. They are legal declarations you as the testator use to name one or more individuals to administer your estates. Wills also give provisions for the distribution of your wealth at death. Having Lauren Taylor help you with your wills will ensure you get the outcomes you would prefer for both you and your loved ones.

2. Revocable Living Trust with Pour over Will

Revocable living trust allows you to legally set up a trust whose status can change anytime in your lifetime. You can easily fund such a trust using your personal assets. Lauren Taylor will gladly help you set up the trust and prepare the deeds that change the titles on the property account into the trust’s name. She may also advice the trusteeship options available to you. With her, you are sure of a comprehensively and properly developed document that will grant you full control over the trust’s assets. She is also knowledgeable on pour over wills and can advise on this if you want all your assets to automatically revert to trust’s ownership at your death.

3. Power of Attorney

You may from time to time require authorized representation in some of your affairs. Good news is there is a legal provision that allows for this. Abbreviated as POA, Power of attorney allows you to choose an agent to act on your behalf or represent you (the principal) in business, private affairs or any other legal matter. While you have access to standard POAs, they only have provisions for the basic planning needs. Lauren Taylor can however help you draft a comprehensive document that will address all your administrative needs.

4. Health Care Power of Attorney

The hassle of daily life can sometimes make you forget about what matters most, you and your well-being! You are however covered if you have Lauren Taylor by your side. She can help legally appoint someone through a well drafted health care power of attorney. This ensures your best interests are taken care of when incapacitated. It is common knowledge such an appointment is important and must be given to someone you trust. She will use her knowledge and experience to explain to you what needs to be done so you end up with an agent whose decisions put your health first.

5. Full Estate Planning (Joint Revocable Trust, Pour Over Will, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney)

Proper estate planning as identified above needs many legal documents. Lauren Taylor is putting her wealth of legal experience at your disposal so you have a convenient package that helps take care of your planning needs. This option gives you access to joint revocable trust, durable power of attorney and health care power of attorney and pour over will all at once. This way you can have it easy while concentrating on the things you value most. When seeking the best estate planning service Greenville SC has to offer then no bouquet beats this fully scaled estate planning combination.

6. Full Estate Planning (Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney)

Another estate planning combination offered for Greenville residents is the will, power of attorney and health care power of attorney combination. Again this has been put forth to afford you the comfort of going about life with as little worry as is possible.

7. Deed Preparation Incident to Estate Planning

Whether you want contracts, agreements, leases or confidentiality agreements; experienced counsel of Lauren Taylor can help you explore all opportunities open to you. Call away 843-790-9009.