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Looking for an Adoption Attorney in Charleston?

Are you considering adopting a child? Maybe you gave a child up for adoption years ago, and you want to know your birth parent rights in South Carolina. Or perhaps you and your spouse adopted children together and are now getting a divorce. You want to know your chances of gaining custody.

For these adoption issues and many more, Lauren Taylor Law can provide you with the top-tier representation you require. Our vast experience and knowledge in the area of adoption law sets us apart from other firms. We have assisted adoptive parents, birth parents searching for their children, couples who adopted and then got divorced and many other individuals with cases related to adoption.

As one of South Carolina’s most respected family law attorneys, Lauren Taylor has the knowledge to craft the best strategies for your case. She understands family law and can advise you on the right approach to employ in your unique case. She understands that everyone’s circumstances are different, and she’ll take your situation into account before advising you.

Adoption is an emotional issue. You may have dreamed for years of bringing home a baby you could adopt. You want to make sure everything goes smoothly and all legal issues have been addressed. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your big day — get legal representation to cross every t and dot every i during this complex process. Lauren Taylor knows the law, and she knows how to help people just like you.

If you need assistance with your adoption case in South Carolina, don’t settle for less than the best. Contact Lauren Taylor Law at 843-790-9009 to discuss your case.


Adoption Law in South Carolina

Every state has its own unique adoption laws. Those in South Carolina feature many nuances. If you want to adopt here, you’ll need to:

  • Obtain an approval from the adoption professional you work with from the state
  • Meet the requirements for the type of adoption you’re trying to secure
  • Receive approval following a home study
  • Provide recent financial records

By law, children over 14 years of age must approve any adoption. Anyone in South Carolina can adopt a child, regardless of their marital status. Someone who has been convicted of a felony may be allowed to adopt, but they must undergo a court review with a social worker.

Understanding your legal rights as an adoptive parent can be complicated. What happens if birth parents want to get in touch with the child? Are you responsible for birth parent expenses? Understanding what’s expected of you before the process gets underway will make for a smoother adoption. An attorney can explain your rights and those of the birth parents. They can also address what happens in the case of a spouse’s death or divorce if you’re married.

A lawyer will make the process easier and put your mind at ease. Whether you’re adopting a child or giving one up for adoption, you want your rights protected. Fortunately, Lauren Taylor can protect them.

Lauren Taylor Law: Experienced Adoption Legal Counsel

You may have thought about and looked forward to adopting for years. You want everything to go right during the critical time leading up to the adoption, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Enlisting the best legal representation is essential to navigating this process successfully.

Lauren Taylor is one of the leading family law attorneys in South Carolina, boasting more than a decade of experience. She was recently named to the 2018 “Best of the Upstate” by the Greenville News for her family law practice located in Greenville.

Lauren cares deeply about her clients and understands the emotional toll the adoption process can take on adoptive and birth parents alike. She can lighten your burden by using her expertise to provide whatever legal assistance you require.

Contact Lauren Taylor Law to Discuss Your Adoption Case in Charleston

Don’t wait another day to achieve your dream — adopting a child, finding the one you gave up for adoption or gaining custody of your adopted children in a divorce. During this highly emotional time in your life, Lauren can provide the sage legal counsel you need. She’ll take the time to get to know you and give you her individual attention, and you’ll benefit from her dedication and skill.

Get the optimal outcome in your adoption case and start living out your dream — hire Lauren Taylor Law for your adoption case in South Carolina. Contact us at 843-790-9009 .

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