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Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney in Charleston

child abuse and neglect attorney Charleston SC


Have you been accused of child abuse or neglect in South Carolina? If so, you may feel a range of emotions, from confusion to anger to despair. No one expects to find themselves in this situation, and you need to defend yourself from the serious charges that have been brought against you. Finding the best lawyer for your case will make the difference in whether you can fight these allegations.

Lauren Taylor Law has the knowledge and experience to aid you in your case. She has represented many parents, grandparents and guardians just like you who didn’t know where to turn after being accused of child abuse or neglect. She knows the critical importance of treating these charges with the gravity they deserve, and she can help you determine a legal strategy that will be most effective as you fight these allegations.

Child abuse and neglect charges can impact your family in so many ways. You want to understand what the potential consequences of these charges can be and how to fight them in a way that will preserve your family and protect your children’s welfare. Lauren Taylor has been involved in similar cases before and can bring more than a decade of experience to your side. She’ll talk to you without judgment to learn about your family and your unique circumstances. Then, she’ll discuss potential legal strategies with you.

When you’ve been accused of child abuse or neglect, you may feel ashamed or embarrassed. Lauren Taylor can help you navigate these difficult feelings and channel your emotions into your case, working to secure the best outcome. Contact the offices of Lauren Taylor Law today by calling 843-790-9009 to discuss your case.


Child Abuse Definition and Legal Issues in South Carolina

In South Carolina, child abuse constitutes physical or mental harm done to a child. Examples of child abuse may include:

  • Corporal punishment
  • Sexual abuse

Child neglect occurs when a child’s basic needs are ignored, such as in the case of someone not feeding a child meals. Neglect is often identified as a pattern of consistently failing to fill these needs, but you can be accused of child neglect stemming from a single incident, such as leaving your children in the car while you run into the grocery store. Child neglect has many different levels, and those accused of this crime often had no idea that their behavior could be considered criminal.

Many times, child abuse and neglect issues stem from well-meaning mandated reporters who tell the state about a small bruise or a story a child tells that’s not representative of the facts. A good child abuse and neglect lawyer can determine the real facts of the case and present your side to the court. They will explore alternatives to the scenario presented by the state. A child’s bruises, for example, may have come from a playground accident and not a domestic dispute.

Lauren Taylor: The Experienced Child Abuse Lawyer in Charleston

For more than a decade, Lauren Taylor has been one of the premier family law attorneys in South Carolina. Her ability to size up a case, work with clients on their defense and present a thorough and consistent legal strategy distinguishes her from other family lawyers in the state.

This ability has led to a number of accolades for Lauren, such as being named to the 2018 “Best of the Upstate” list by the Greenville News. Her reviews from clients speak to her compassion and professionalism in dealing with difficult issues. She consistently receives high marks for her legal insights, determination and caring. Lauren is the person you want to trust when the stakes are high and you need a favorable outcome.


Contact Lauren Taylor Law Today to Discuss Your Child Abuse and Neglect Case

You do not have to fight child abuse and neglect charges on your own. Take the time to find the right assistance during this trying period. An excellent lawyer will make a big difference in your case, because a smart and experienced legal mind can take the facts in your case and present them to your advantage. This process could be the most important thing you go through in your life. Fighting these charges could clear the way to reuniting you with your child and putting this tough time behind you.

Lauren will talk to witnesses and thoroughly investigate your case. Give yourself the best chance of resolving your legal woes favorably by contacting the offices of Lauren Taylor Law today to set up an initial consultation. Call us at 843-790-9009 , and let our experience guide you.

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