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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Charleston, SC

Domestic Violence Defense

Have you been accused of domestic violence in South Carolina? Your first course of action should be to consult with a domestic violence attorney. Domestic violence is a serious crime that carries severe consequences in South Carolina, and you need to mount a vigorous defense to not only avoid penalties but also clear your name. A domestic violence conviction can bar you from working as a volunteer with children and securing certain jobs. Taking these charges lightly is a huge mistake.

We advise against negotiating directly with the complainant. You may agree to charges you could avoid if you instead enlisted the legal aid of an experienced lawyer. You need Lauren Taylor on your side to get through your domestic violence case. Lauren has practiced family law for 7 years, and she has represented people just like you who found themselves in circumstances they never imagined. In fact, Lauren was named to the “Legal Elite” in the Family Law Category in Greenville SC.

Lauren is one of the state’s most respected family law attorneys, and she has aided many people in fighting domestic violence charges. She knows how to craft an effective defense. If someone filed a false complaint against you, Lauren can raise questions about the complainant’s credibility. She can explain that you were defending yourself in the alleged incident and were not the aggressor. She can even request that the charges be reassessed if you were not the primary aggressor.

Domestic violence is a serious charge, and convictions carry a stigma you want to avoid. You may feel embarrassed about your arrest and want to avoid further scrutiny by others in the community. If so, you want a lawyer who will assist you without judgment. Lauren understands the delicacy of your situation and your fears in this case, and she’ll do everything she can to aid you through this time.

You don’t have to face domestic violence charges alone. Contact Lauren Taylor Law at 843-790-9009 to discuss your case and find out what she can do for you.


What Is a Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence in South Carolina occurs when:

  • A member of the household causes violence to another member
  • A member of the household threatens another and has the means to carry out that threat

You could also be charged with a domestic-violence-related crime if you violate a protection order or — if you have an order against you — are found on the grounds of a domestic violence shelter. Men and women can both be charged with domestic violence. People in same-sex marriages can be charged as well.

When police are called to the scene and someone is injured, they have to make a domestic violence arrest if there’s probable cause, but your case doesn’t end there. It’s just starting. Lauren can work with you to try to get the charges dismissed. She can attempt to bargain for a plea that allows you to complete anger management and go on probation instead of attending a jury trial. In addition, she can work with you during a jury trial to get the most favorable outcome.

Lauren Taylor: An Experienced Family Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence has many nuances, and you want a lawyer on your side who has a thorough, comprehensive grasp of South Carolina law. Lauren Taylor is the attorney you need to fight a domestic violence charge.

Lauren has become one of South Carolina’s most recognized family law attorneys. Her outstanding record and personal touch make her stand out in this competitive field. Lauren delivers results for her clients — she wants to know your story and will take the time to listen and see things other lawyers might overlook.

Lauren has been named to Greenville News’ “Best of the Upstate” for her Greenville practice. She provides reliable services that can save you anguish during this challenging period in your life.


Contact Us Today to Discuss Your Domestic Violence Case

You want to mount a vigorous defense in your domestic violence case. Lauren Taylor will look at the facts of the case without believing often misleading preconceptions. She wants to hear your side of the story, and when you trust her with the details of your situation, she’ll deliver the legal defense you deserve. You can feel confident about your future when you put your case in Lauren’s hands.

Defending someone against a domestic violence charge demands a focus and attention to detail that come naturally to Lauren. You can trust her with your case, just as so many people before you have. Lauren’s professionalism and accessibility are unmatched among Charleston domestic violence lawyers, so get in touch with her today by calling 843-790-9009 .

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