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    Family Law Services in Charleston, South Carolina

    Clients seeking a family law firm in Charleston, South Carolina find an attorney they trust when they connect with Lauren Taylor Law. Ms. Taylor is an expert at providing counsel. She also excels at presenting cases in court and developing out-of-court settlement opportunities. Family law is intertwined with emotional and legal complications. Ms. Taylor’s clients trust her to guide them through these proceedings. You can focus on your family while Ms. Taylor manages questions of legality and strategy.

    The team at Lauren Taylor Law manages a variety of family law cases, including:

    Answers for Your Frequently Asked Family Law Questions

    If you’re approaching divorce, you need an experienced professional to help you navigate the complex process. Ms. Taylor is a passionate family law and criminal defense attorney. Her skills and abilities mean she can answer your family law frequently asked questions. These laws vary between states. The stellar team at Lauren Taylor Law specializes in South Carolina family law.

    Trust Ms. Taylor’s history of fighting for her clients’ rights during divorce and custody cases in Charleston, South Carolina. Your questions about custody decisions, child support payments and marital property division fall into our field of expertise. Our team has the foresight to understand what details might be important in the future. We gather relevant details from client information packets to ensure we provide the most thoughtful, individualized counsel possible.

    Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, there are several factors that require negotiation and settlement. Those decisions include dealing with marital debt, alimony arrangements or waivers, the fate of the marital home and any tax consequences that arise from transferring property or receiving support. For some couples, even more considerations await. Parents seeking a divorce must settle resolutions for custody, visitation and child support.

    Choose Lauren Taylor Law as Your Family Law Attorney in Charleston, South Carolina

    We understand that periods of transition are vulnerable. Most family law cases require you to make tough decisions for yourself and your family. We’ll offer legal counsel while considering the details you may not think of. Working out those details in advance reduces the number of complications and surprises that arise later in your case. Comprehensive legal representation and partnership streamline the process, reducing the emotional and monetary toll of litigation.

    We know how much your family means to you. When you connect with Lauren Taylor Law, we become advocates for your legal rights. Let us fight for you. Whether you resolve a legal dispute outside of court or ask us to present your case before a judge, you’ll have our support throughout the process. Education, representation and a personal plan of action are three hallmarks of our family law services.

    Lauren Taylor Law’s Family Law Services in Charleston

    If you’ve made the decision to seek a divorce in South Carolina, you need an experienced and effective lawyer on your side. Contact Lauren Taylor Law for more information about our family law services. Call 843-790-9009 or fill out our online contact form to connect with us today.