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Product Liability

Product Liability Claims in South Carolina

Lauren M. Taylor has extensive experience handling many types of product liability cases. This type of case involves accidents or injuries caused by dangerous products. A product liability claim may also involve a product that made an accident or injury worse.

The Danger of Defective Products

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors have a duty to ensure their products are safe for consumers. If a defective product injures someone, the injured party can sue the manufacturer or seller for product liability.

A product may be unsafe due to bad design, manufacturing mistakes, inadequate warnings, use of defective materials, and failure to give the consumer adequate instructions for using the product safely. At the Law Office of Lauren M. Taylor, we have the ability to investigate your case and determine if a defective product caused your injury.

In some cases, a defective product can lead to a wrongful death claim. This is especially true if the manufacturer rushed to sell a product before it was adequately tested or inspected. Some manufacturers know their products are defective and release them anyway. Their desire to increase their profits trumps their concern about your safety, leading to serious injuries or wrongful death.

If you have been injured by a defective product, Lauren will work to hold the manufacturer responsible. Our firm has experience fighting auto manufacturers that have released dangerous parts and products with unsafe designs. Lauren will also help you if your child has been injured by an unsafe toy, or if you were harmed by a defective medical device, dangerous drug, defective automobile, or unsafe airplane.

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