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April 29, 2020

Top 5 Reasons Couples Choose to Get a Divorce

The United States has a relatively high divorce rate — estimated around 40% for first-time marriages. There is a high probability that many married couples will struggle to stay together. The factors that influence the decision to get a divorce can vary, whether it’s one straw that snaps the bond or multiple occurrences fraying it away. Here are the five most common reasons that lead to a divorce filing.

1. Growing Apart

Some marriages fall apart not from certain actions or conflict, but rather inaction. In a study published in 2012, researchers found through a survey of 886 people that “growing apart” and being “not able to talk together” were the top two reasons given for seeking a divorce.

Similar sentiments rank high in other studies, showing that mutual interest can naturally fade in a marriage. Couples can realize they’re more different than they originally thought, which leads them to converse less often and slowly withdraw their feelings. It’s a sign that filing for divorce and seeking different relationships or temporarily going it alone may be a better course for both partners.

2. Infidelity

When openness and intimacy decrease between two people in a marriage, it’s common for someone to look elsewhere for emotional and physical companionship. The desire for a new, exciting personal connection can lead to infidelity.

If one spouse catches the other cheating, it can be a permanent breach of trust that never completely heals, even when the affair ends. A person can harbor feelings of resentment toward their partner and experience a loss of confidence in themselves.

3. Financial Troubles

Money used to be a driving factor that determined who someone would marry — and remains an important consideration in some cultures. In most cases, personal desires bring couples together. Yet the way money is shared and used between spouses can sometimes cause disagreements and become grounds for divorce.

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Couples may argue over how to manage savings, or encounter disputes when one partner overspends on luxuries. Whether it’s money mismanagement, selfishness or another reason, the stress from dealing with these financial struggles can make it hard to sustain a healthy relationship.

4. Addiction

Addiction can tear loved ones apart. These habits have many forms other than substances like alcohol and drugs — people can become addicted to gambling, pornography, shopping, sex and more. A partner may distance themselves because it hurts to witness their spouse’s destructive tendencies. The emotional and financial toll of addiction can strain marriages for weeks, months or years without a clear resolution.

There is sometimes hope to repair a marriage that has been impacted by addiction. Resources such as therapy, counseling and treatment may help a marriage continue with renewed commitment.

5. Abuse

Verbal abuse, hitting, neglect and other acts of controlling or intimidating a partner are all too common. Whether emotional, sexual or physical, an abusive marriage needs to end. Securing an individual’s safety and the safety of any children is crucial before announcing an end to a dangerous relationship. It’s also beneficial to have a therapist, advocate, friends or family members by your side.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive marriage, there are resources and support available. Call the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.

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