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Legal Representation for Shoplifting Charges in Upstate South Carolina

If you have been charged with shoplifting, grand larceny, or a similar crime, your first priority should be finding a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent you. Your lawyer will start working on your case immediately, improving your chances of a victory in court. A conviction can have serious, long-lasting consequences, especially if you want to enter a field requiring a clean criminal history.

A conviction for shoplifting counts as a crime of “moral turpitude,” which could prevent you from becoming a teacher, lawyer, doctor, or other professional. It may also be difficult to find employment in the computer industry, especially if you want to work with confidential data. If you are not a citizen of the United States, a conviction can also hurt your chances of obtaining a visa or becoming a legal citizen in the future.

At Lauren Taylor Law, we will review your case and defend you against shoplifting and larceny charges. Lauren will review your options with you and develop a strategy for handling your case in court.


Criminal Charges for Shoplifting

In many cases, someone charged with shoplifting is caught leaving a store without paying for merchandise. This type of case can be difficult to defend, especially if you were caught by a store detective, but it is not impossible to avoid a shoplifting conviction. If you paid for other merchandise before leaving the store, you could argue that you made an honest mistake and forgot you had another item in your cart or shopping basket. If you were stopped before you left the store, you might have been charged with concealment of merchandise. There are good options for building a defense against this kind of charge. Call Lauren at Lauren Taylor Law to discuss your Greenville SC Criminal Defense case.
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