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greenville sc criminal defense lawyer

How Technical Probation Violations Can Put Your Freedom in Jeopardy

criminal defense lawyer Greenville sc

When someone gets probation in South Carolina, it can feel like you’ve received a “get out of jail” ticket. Sadly, probation can be complicated, and a lot of people never make it to the end of their sentence without violating probation. A single violation can be enough to void your probation and place you in […]

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When Can You Expunge a Criminal Record in South Carolina?

criminal defense attorney Greenville sc

We are all human, and sadly sometimes our youthful indiscretions can lead to life-altering consequences. If you have old convictions for crimes you committed a long time ago, they may still be affecting your life. Criminal defense lawyers are often asked whether a crime can later be expunged. To help you better understand your rights, […]

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Could You Beat a Polygraph? The Truth from a Greenville Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville South Carolina

If you are facing criminal charges, your criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC will advise you to use nearly any means at your disposal to establish your innocence. In some cases, this means taking a polygraph exam. These “lie detector” tests make many people nervous, and many people on trial in the state are tempted […]

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Do I Need to Wait Until I’m Arrested to Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Greenville, SC?

Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville South Carolina

If you find yourself under investigation for any crime, the best course of action would be to consult with a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Greenville, SC as soon as possible – even if you have not been arrested yet. Know that your right to retain an attorney does not begin at the moment of […]

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Criminal Law and Drug Possession in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville South Carolina Drug Offense Attorney

If you find yourself involved with a drug charge, you will need a criminal defense attorney to represent you. Drug charges range from possession to distribution, trafficking, and manufacturing. Because drugs are illegal, you will be charged with a crime that has a variety of consequences based on the laws of the state in which […]

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What are the Marijuana Laws in South Carolina?

Marijuana Laws in South Carolina

There are nearly 95 million people in the United States that have admitted to at least trying marijuana once in their lifetime. That being said, the odds are you know at least one individual who is or has used the drug. The overall mass appeal to marijuana means nothing within South Carolina state lines. Under […]

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Property Crimes in Greenville, South Carolina, Criminal Defense Cases

criminal defense attorney in Greenville SC

A property crime is any kind of criminal activity that involves deceit, theft, or embezzlement. Because these crimes are considered to be moral turpitude crimes, they can seriously impact your ability to get a job, carry a weapon, or obtain a professional license. For this reason, if you are facing any of the following property […]

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What If I Have Been Charged With Theft In Greenville, SC?

Greenville SC Defense Lawyer

Theft charges can mean you are facing some serious consequences a serious crime. If you are facing theft charges in Greenville, SC, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you. The lowest level charge for theft in South Carolina is petty theft, which might be referred to as petit larceny. […]

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What Is Perjury In Greenville, SC?

Greenville South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer

When it comes to Greenville, South Carolina, criminal defense cases, perjury is much more than just lying while you are under oath in a courtroom. This is just one type of perjury, and there are more ways to get into trouble for lying than doing so in a courtroom or while under oath. If you […]

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Why You Do Not Have to Answer the Door When Police Come to Your Home

Do I have to answer the door for police in South Carolina?

If you have ever experienced the anxiety of having the police knocking at your door, you probably wish you had known more about your rights before you opened it. If you are in this situation, or concerned that you might be in the near future, then there are some important things that you need to […]

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