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Violent Crimes

If You Have Been Accused of a Violent Crime..

You have an important decision to make. Your very freedom is at stake, and you have to decide which criminal defense lawyer will represent you. At the Law office of Lauren M. Taylor, Lauren is experienced in defending against all types of violent crime charges. Lauren has the ability, knowledge and dedication to provide effective individual attention to every assault charge and violent crime case she handles.

Individual attention is important because all case are unique. Your situation is different than other people accused of similar crimes, and so are your goals. When developing a strategy for the defense of your case, Lauren will take your goals into account, consider all available options, and help you make the best choice possible.


Assault Charges and Other Violent Crime Charges

The stakes are high in these cases. When violence is involved, there is always the possibility of jail time. However, there may also be a wide variety of defense strategies that could be used. At the law office of Lauren M. Taylor, Lauren has the ability and experience to successfully challenge the credibility of witnesses, the reliability of forensic evidence, and more.

There are two sides to every story. If you are charged with a violent crime, it may mean that the police have only heard, or chose to believe, one side. It is the job of a good criminal defense lawyer to help present the other side. It is possible your actions can be justified by self-defense, defense of others, or mutual combat.  Even when the evidence is against you and there is no legal excuse for what happened, you still need a good criminal defense attorney to help explain what happened by offering evidence and argument of the mitigating circumstances of the offense.

The law office of Lauren M. Taylor. knows how to analyze and pursue all options in order to fight charges of assault and other violent crimes. Call our office today for criminal defense lawyer consultation.