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    West Ashley, SC Divorce Lawyer

    So, you find yourself facing a divorce. This can be a confusing and frustrating time in your life. A divorce is one of the most difficult things to go through. You need to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. When sorting through your options, hiring a Charleston divorce attorney should be at the top of your list.

    Lauren Taylor is a West Ashley, SC divorce lawyer. She has successfully handled many different types of divorce cases. You need someone that can answer your questions and provide their experience. Even if you are just thinking about separation from your spouse, it is never too early to get a professional opinion.


    Selecting a Charleston divorce attorney

    Some people think they can handle their cases on their own until they begin the process. Divorce is incredibly emotional and having a third party on the case is essential. There are things that you will want to hold onto, that aren’t even major parts of your settlement.

    So, it’s easy for you to get lost in the details instead of seeing the bigger picture. Selecting the right divorce lawyer is your first step toward receiving an appropriate divorce settlement. We recommend asking friends and family that have gotten divorced for recommendations. If you don’t know anyone, then the internet is your next option. Search for divorce lawyers in your area, then you can begin to narrow it down.

    Before making appointments with any divorce lawyers online, you should check out their websites. Most lawyers, even those that have been practicing divorce law for decades, will have a website. The site should give you background information on the lawyer and should provide you with information about divorce.

    You want to select a well-rounded lawyer, and a website can give you all that information. Considering that there are a large number of Charleston Divorce attorneys that serve your area, you can select your candidates based on their websites. Then, contact each of the offices to set up an appointment. Make sure that you ask if there is a fee, so you’re not surprised when you show up for your meeting.


    What do I ask when I meet my Charleston Divorce attorney?

    The short answer: anything that you want. Your divorce lawyer will want to know the details of your case, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask about the details of their background. How long have they been practicing law? What do they see for your case? Ultimately, you need to ask yourself if you trust them.

    Divorce can bring up disparaging parts of your life and marriage. Are you going to be able to talk about all these intimate details with this Charleston Divorce attorney? If you don’t feel that you can speak frankly with a lawyer that you’re interviewing then you need to move on. Initially, you only need to bring yourself and anything that you want to use to keep notes. Once you have selected your Charleston Divorce attorney, you will need to bring additional information about your marriage, finances, assets, and debts.


    How can I receive the best financial future after my divorce?

    You and your spouse have built a life together and dividing your property can be exhausting. South Carolina isn’t a state that is going to just split everything down the line 50/50. If you’re in negotiations outside of the court you can get even less in a settlement. We want to make sure that you get the right settlement for your new life.

    • Financial decisions matter: This might sound like common sense, but many clients get caught up in emotional baggage from the divorce. Even though you’re upset, you need to focus on your future. Your divorce settlement will be the foundation of your new life. So, even though it can feel like you want to get the fastest settlement possible, you actually want to get the right settlement.
    • Plan for your finances through every stage of your divorce: When you go through your separation, your finances are going to be different. Marriage is seen as two people celebrating their love for one another, while a divorce is seen as the division of assets. Make sure you plan appropriately for living expenses to change, and this could include having to get back out in the workforce.
    • Educate yourself: You hire a West Ashley divorce attorney for a reason. The best thing that you can do is research your assets and ask questions. Your West Ashley attorney will know all about the divorce process and the division of financial assets. You can also seek out a financial advisor with additional questions.


    How can you financially survive your divorce?

    Divorce is overwhelming, especially at the moment. However, there is a future and you will succeed in continuing onto the next chapter of your life. Here are some tips to help you effectively handle the financial issues of your divorce:

    • Be real: Everything isn’t going to be the same as it was before. In fact, it could be more difficult than you want to admit. Being ready to handle financial changes is the best way to proceed forward. You just need to be open to change. If you can’t open up yourself to this possibility, you’ll continue to live in denial. Be proactive in your efforts, or your divorce could cost you thousands of dollars.
    • Hire a Charleston Divorce lawyer: We can’t say this enough. You need someone on your team that knows how to handle divorces successfully. Divorce laws can change frequently, and your lawyer will be up to date. There are also tax consequences with settlements, so you need a professional. Finally, you could have lifelong financial obligations like paying alimony to your spouse. You want to get the best settlement for your needs. Each financial situation is different, and your lawyer can provide solutions to your unique case.
    • Consider an antenuptial agreement: Many people think about having agreements before marriage, but few couples consider creating an agreement during the marriage. Many lawyers recommend having an antenuptial agreement because it takes stress off your marriage. You amass property and assets during your marriage, that you didn’t know you’d have before you were married.

    So, dividing assets before a divorce takes less pressure off the dissolution of the marriage. Your divorce lawyer can also draft an antenuptial agreement, so contact us today if this is something you’d like to discuss.

    • Protect yourself: This might sound like you’re being selfish, but you couldn’t be more wrong. You never know what your spouse is going to do, so you need to protect yourself. There are temporary orders in court that determine where you live, custody of children, paying credit cards, and other things.

    You could even be ordered to leave your residence and still have to pay the mortgage. A temporary orders hearing can be called within 5 days of being served with divorce papers. So, protect yourself by hiring legal representation, printing out all your financial documents, and even contacting a forensic C.P.A. to protect yourself during your divorce case.

    • Act now: Nobody wants to think about the possibility of divorce, but you need to be prepared. Make sure that you have copies of all of your financial documents. You also need to have a separate bank account that’s in your name, so your spouse can’t touch your balance. In fact, I recommend that most of my clients keep separate bank accounts throughout their marriage.

    Keep track of your credit history and make sure that you’re the only person that opens credit in your name. If you don’t have credit, now is the time to start building it. Finally, if you are afraid of separation, seek out a West Ashley divorce attorney for a consultation. It is better to be safe than sorry.


    How will child custody be determined?

    Child custody and child support are two things most couples fight over during meditation. If you and your spouse can’t determine a solution for the custody of your children, you will have to go to court. South Carolina wants to place children in the healthiest environment.

    So, if they feel that your spouse is a better guardian, they will be placed with your spouse. Child support is an easier process, and it varies depending on the income of you and your spouse. We always hope to handle everything outside of court.  


    Rely on the facts

    It’s easy to get swept up in the emotional warfare of a divorce. We recommend keeping your cool through all of the proceedings. In fact, getting upset during any form of mediation will only give your spouse leverage.

    It’s important that you have a Charleston divorce attorney you trust so that you have someone to give you a different perspective throughout your divorce. You need someone that can answer your questions and create a plan.

    Are you facing a divorce? Don’t risk your settlement by hiring a subpar divorce lawyer. Contact the law offices of Lauren Taylor Law today for your consultation. You can’t afford an inexperienced West Ashley divorce attorney when you have so much to lose. We look forward to speaking with you about your case.