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    March 4, 2015

     What to Look For in a Greenville Criminal Defense Lawyer

    divorce attorney sc in courtroom

    When you are in a situation where you need a criminal defense lawyer, you are likely already stressed and worried. Finding the right lawyer can help set your mind at ease and greatly influence your future, but finding the right Greenville criminal attorney can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Below are a few examples of what to consider when looking for a Greenville criminal attorney.


    When it comes to criminal defense attorneys, experience means more than how long the attorney has been in business or how many cases they have handled. Criminal charges run a wide gamut, from small misdemeanors to serious federal charges, and you want to be sure you find a Greenville criminal attorney who has experience in the type of situation you are facing. While most criminal attorneys may have the knowledge to handle a myriad of cases, finding one with experience with cases similar to yours can make a big difference in how they approach the case.

    Local Law

    Another important thing to consider when looking for a Greenville criminal attorney is how long they have been practicing in or around Greenville. Laws, procedures, and penalties can vary by state and county, so you want to be sure that your attorney is familiar with the local laws and can navigate the courts there with ease. Be sure to ask how long the attorney has been working in the area so that you can be sure they will have the knowledge and experience in your area to do the best job of helping you.

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    Case History

    Every Greenville criminal attorney is different, so how they handle your case will vary. While it’s impossible to know everything they will do ahead of time, you can look at their history and ask some questions to get a better idea of what they might do. You want to look at how many cases they have won and how often they ask for lesser charges or work out plea agreements. It can be very helpful to ask the attorney if they can provide references from clients they have helped in the past.


    Last but not least, cost is a very important factor to keep in mind when looking for a Greenville criminal attorney. Many things can influence the cost of an attorney, from experience to reputation to geographic location. Most attorneys will either charge a flat fee for their services or will bill their time hourly. Some lawyers may be willing to set up a payment plan to make paying for their services easier, but some will also want an upfront payment called a retainer fee. Finding the right Greenville criminal attorney should be a balancing act, as you look for a lawyer who can give you the best defense for your money. Finding the right attorney for your case can greatly affect its outcome, so use these tips to do your research to find the right fit for you and your case.