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    January 14, 2022

    Why Local Journalism Matters

    Accurate, reliable news is essential to educate citizens on local, state and national decisions and policies. However, local journalism is in a crisis, as over 65 million people live in areas with access to only one newspaper. In some areas of the nation, there are no local newspapers at all.

    A lack of local journalism is detrimental to public knowledge. When national news outlets are largely connected to powerful, elite people, those demographics may control the industry and lead to misconduct, fraudulent practices and poor information. Local news matters to everyone who doesn’t have other means of accessing public information.

    FITSNews and the Murdaugh Murders Investigation

    Local journalism is vital to democracy, marketplaces, public trust and history. It also exposes the truth when dishonest parties spread false information that leads to altered media and news stories. FITSNews in Charleston, for example, exposed the truth about the Murdaugh murders. Without the help of a local, independent news agency, this story may never have surfaced.

    It’s often hard to read the truth about those connected with politics and the elite. The Murdaugh murders saga followed a powerful Southern legal family and how their disturbing fate revealed more death and deception. Lawyer Alex Murdaugh came home to find his wife and son brutally murdered one day and the investigation of their deaths stirred up additional questions about Alex himself.

    He later staged his own suicide and was found to be stealing millions of dollars from a settlement fund from his old housekeeper, who died in his home years earlier. Investigations also led to the discoveries of Murdaugh’s oxycodone addiction, insurance fraud schemes and other felonies. Because the Murdaugh’s were so powerful and heavily connected with other prominent figures, the family got away with several crimes for years.

    The FITSNews coverage of the Murdaugh murders helped to expose the greed, corruption and falsehoods that plague those who are supposed to uphold justice. The Murdaugh murders quickly became one of the most popular stories in the country thanks to local journalism. If it weren’t for the local news peeling back the curtains on this family’s crime, the injustice could’ve continued unseen for years.

    Lauren Taylor’s Support for FITSNews

    Lauren Taylor’s law firm is proud to support local journalism, such as FITSNews. She’s been featured on their website several times and showcases her ability to passionately perform her job. The way local journalism strives to advocate for the truth is how Lauren Taylor advocates for her clients in family, personal injury or criminal law.

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    Just as with FITSNews, Lauren Taylor sees the value in taking a chance on helping those who need it, even if it means an uphill battle. In fact, she loves to prove people wrong in a field where they expect a young woman to lack experience. In family law, where so many financial futures are at stake, Lauren Taylor believes in fairness and providing relief to clients who endure hardships.

    She’s willing to fight for her clients in any case and comes prepared for anything and everything you have to throw at her. Lauren Taylor Law wholeheartedly supports the growth and importance of local journalism as they uncover the truths that more prominent media outlets may not always care to see.

    The Importance of Independent News

    graphic showing a chalk outline of a murder victim with the caption discussing the Murdaugh Murders

    Without local or independent news agencies, stories like the Murdaugh murders may have never seen the light of day. In smaller cities or rural areas, local journalism carries the responsibility of spreading news and information the public deserves to know. Local news is also important for encouraging social, political and economic participation and improving the efficiency and decision-making of local and state governments.

    The lack of independent journalism means that many areas around the U.S. go without reliable news sources. Communities with limited access to journalism are known as news deserts. Diminished access to information on a local basis can lead to changes that affect national decisions, such as healthcare, employment, elections and other pressing issues.

    Local journalists are also considered more trustworthy and unbiased than most national journalists. Transparency and neutrality are important aspects of journalism and democracy as they can reduce corruption and favoritism in the industry. This standard directly relates to the Murdaugh murders, as the American people already believe many powerful people and institutions are not held accountable for their actions.

    Supporting Local Journalism — What You Can Do

    Local journalism is essential for getting stories to a national level and spreading awareness. Increasing collaboration and participation between local news agencies, radio stations and news channels can help grow local journalism. Communities will see the value in local news and learn to identify journalism that aims to inform the public and represent citizens in all areas of the nation. Interacting with local journalists is a great way to support these community agencies.

    Local news celebrates community achievements and creates experienced journalists. Supporting its value means more local, dependable coverage is available to those who value their communities. Since 2008, there’s been a 50% drop in newspaper journalists. Sadly, this doesn’t just mean a decrease in news, but of information that helps build and develop communities. The Local Journalism Sustainability Act also aims to support local journalists with better funding and tools to reach their communities.

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    Local journalism also supports activism and serving the needs of the community. Collaboration is essential for the support of local journalism. Activists, educators, business leaders and more must lend a helping hand to spread the word and promote connections between news organizations and institutions.

    Additionally, community journalism doesn’t need to be limited to physical newspapers. The educational and informative purpose of local journalism remains the same no matter which medium it uses to address the public. You can share local journalism online or through social media, as larger news outlets use, and it’ll still maintain the same community functions that it always has. Getting on board with potential solutions for local newspapers benefits the general public and can lead to more significant coverage in areas where it’s needed.

    Learn More About Lauren Taylor Law and Our Legal Services

    At Lauren Taylor Law, we emphasize the importance of local journalism and all that it does for the community. We realize that those who experience hardship deserve proper representation. We also believe in wholeheartedly backing local news agencies, such as FITSNews, to support their mission of delivering education and reliable information to the public.

    The team at Lauren Taylor Law strives to represent these same qualities in our practice by helping any community member that we can. Being part of a community, especially in this nation, means that you deserve to know your rights. For those going through difficult moments of divorce, child support, domestic violence, personal injury or family legalities, Lauren Taylor Law is here to offer professional, experienced help. We provide solutions and quality legal representation while upholding compassion when navigating complex, sensitive issues.

    For more information on how our South Carolina legal services can assist you, call us at 843-790-9009 . We also invite you to visit our website to learn more about how we help with your case or schedule a consultation.

    graphic showing a black and white photo of Lauren Taylor from Lauren Taylor Law and a caption explaining how their law firm supports local journalism

    Why Local Journalism Matters
    Article Name
    Why Local Journalism Matters
    Learn more about the importance of independent news sources and how local journalism helps communities around the country. Support your region today.