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November 15, 2023

Why Men Struggle More After Divorce

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Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved. As a culture, we often assume women have a more emotional time handling changes when a marriage ends. However, men may have a harder time coping with divorce for the following reasons:

1. Smaller Support Network

Women often prioritize their relationships with others. For this reason, it’s commonly easier for them to connect with friends and family for support throughout difficult times.

On the other hand, men showcase deep pride in their independence. During their marriage, their wife may be their primary support system. When they lose this connection, they may wonder who they can talk to about their life changes.

2. Shorter Grieving Period

After a divorce, women may seek professional help from licensed therapists. Talking through their emotions lets them grieve the end of the marriage and move on to the next phase of life in a healthy way.

Men may not seek counseling during a time of need. Because of this, they may struggle to manage overwhelming emotions. Avoiding the grief can lead to severe symptoms of anxiety or depression. It can also lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, like substance abuse or quickly moving on to a new relationship.

3. Loss of Identity

Throughout a life transition, women may diversify their activities and join groups to socialize with others. This can provide a sense of identity and belonging in a community.

Usually, divorce changes a man in many ways. Being a husband is a large part of their self-identification. When a marriage ends and they don’t see themselves as half of a partnership anymore, they may struggle to know who they are.

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4. Seeing Children Less

Divorce can be more difficult for men than women when it comes to seeing their children. Often, the children’s mother is granted primary custody, and the man is granted limited time as a part of the custody schedule. When this happens, fathers may miss seeing their children each morning, evening and weekend.

While mothers may stay occupied taking care of child-related responsibilities, men may have more time to dwell on how they’re missing the opportunity to help their children grow up with a dad constantly at their side. And based on visitation or custody arrangements, they may not get to experience their children’s life events and milestones.

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Why Men Struggle More After Divorce
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Why Men Struggle More After Divorce
Men often struggle with divorce as much as women. Here are some reasons why you may experience trouble and a few things you can do to address your problems.
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