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    February 17, 2021

    Why Men Struggle More After Divorce

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    The process of divorce is stressful for anyone. But in many ways, divorce can be harder on men, who may not be accustomed to seeking emotional support. Finding outlets for their frustration and fears can prove challenging. If you are a man struggling with expressing your feelings and disappointments after a failed marriage, you should know that you’re not alone.

    Here are some reasons why you may experience trouble and a few things you can do to address your problems.

    Getting Disconnected From Family and Friends

    Women tend to foster closer connections than men during their marriage. Too often, men feel content to rely on their partner and let relationships with others outside the marriage slide.

    Sometimes a couple’s friends may feel uncomfortable choosing a side when a marriage breaks up. You may also find it hard to talk about your feelings after a divorce if you don’t have any close friends who knew the two of you.

    Take this opportunity to reach out to people you may not have heard from in a while. You can mention your divorce, but also rediscover why you enjoyed being together with these friends in the first place. Friends and family provide the support you need during a tough time, and relying on them can make a divorce a little easier.

    Not Seeking Professional Help

    Women are more likely to see a therapist or otherwise ask for help than men. Looking for help isn’t weak. In fact, it shows great strength because you must first admit that you’re struggling, which isn’t easy for anyone.

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    Professional help can mean taking care of your body as well as your mind. Many men let their spouses handle things such as making doctor’s and dentist’s appointments. If that includes you, it’s time for you to take those duties back. Seeking help may seem hard, but it has definite rewards down the line.

    Stressing Over Your Financial Situation

    Many men feel stressed over finances following a divorce. You may have to pay alimony or child support, and men are usually the ones to move out of the house. You have to find and pay for a new place and get new furniture. You may feel distressed at your financial loss and want to address it in some way. A lawyer may be able to help you change your financial situation.

    Seeing Your Children Less

    While child custody arrangements are more equitable than they were decades ago, men are less likely to have full custody of their children than women. It can be incredibly hard to be away from your kids. They played a major role in your life before this, and now you only see them every few days or less.

    If you feel your custody agreement isn’t balanced, you should consult a lawyer. South Carolina law isn’t supposed to automatically favor a mother over a father. To get help with your custody arrangement or other parts of your divorce, get in touch with Lauren Taylor Law to schedule a free initial consultation.

    Why Men Struggle More After Divorce
    Article Name
    Why Men Struggle More After Divorce
    Men often struggle with divorce as much as women. Here are some reasons why you may experience trouble and a few things you can do to address your problems.
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    Lauren Taylor Law Firm
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